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Woven Wall Hangings

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Hey! I'm Jess! 

I caught the DIY bug at an early age, but was never able to fully explore my creative side until I found weaving. It was the first of several fiber mediums I've experimented with, but will always be my favorite.

Since learning the skill, I've tried to redefine an ancient art with new techniques, designs, and unique materials. 


I love yarn, but there's more love to go around. I love incorporating leather, leafing, driftwood, elastic cord, copper, brass, and steel pipes, rope, jute, and so on into my weavings. All fiber and materials that make it into a weaving are meticulously handpicked. One thing that remains constant in my weavings is my preference for natural materials. I love cotton, wool, alpaca, and blends over any thing 100% acrylic. Call me a fiber snob. 


Dip Dye Tapestries

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What began as an experiment to use natural dye (avocado skins and indigo) to dye a skein of yarn, turned into 6' wide tapestries.

While they are extremely customizable with different sizes, fiber, colors, and designs, no two tapestries will ever be the same because of the nature of the medium. 

I currently have 3 fiber options to choose from: wool roving, wool blend chunky yarn, and 100% cotton thin yarn.

These can be hung and accented with wood, copper, brass, or steel.

Roving Tapestries

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Although I seem to be drawn to several styles of art, simple usually wins. I love the minimalistic aspect of wool roving and metal (copper, brass, or steel) together with occasional pops of color. Roving pieces make a big but simple statement for any room. 

MEET the Maker

I live in KC with my husband and our four animals (the inspiration behind the name). I started weaving the summer of 2015 after searching for a vintage tapestry to tie in with our mid century modern home decor. After failing miserably, I purchased a frame loom, tools, and yarn on a whim and haven't stopped playing with fiber since then. 

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May 6-7 // Strawberry Swing // Alexander Majors Barn & Grounds // 10AM-4PM

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